Physics – Cambridge AS Level: Deformation of Solids

· February 6, 2021

Physics MCQs – Deformation of Solids

This course contains the study of Deformation of Solids. The Course comprises of resources in the form of quizzes. Practice on these quizzes  will reinforce your fundamentals on the topic – Deformation of Solids. The question patterns chosen in these quizzes are based on past exam papers. You can practice these quizzes unlimited number of times to reinforce your learning which will enhance your performance in the upcoming exams.


After completion of the quizzes, you will be presented with a Certificate of Completion. The minimum percentage required to pass the course with certification is 70%.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn & Understand the topic clearly through MCQs (quizzes).
  • At the end of each quiz you will be presented with your score.
  • Unlimited practice on the quizzes will reinforce your learning of this topic.
  • The quizzes are based on past exam papers.
  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users.
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